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A sketch team by and for folks with chronic illnesses and disabilities

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A sketch team by and for folks with chronic illnesses and disabilities -

because a little bit of humor helps the medicine go down.

Sick Bae is a sketch team centering folks with chronic illness and disabilities (which includes all invisible disabilities) who want to use humor to talk about their experiences in the world of health and wellness.

Living with a chronic illness or disability can be challenging but it’s not tragic. We’re here to turn inspiration porn into witty scorn.

Over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability and this number is increasing. Yet, people with disabilities are rarely asked for their opinions on how healthcare systems are run.

For all the traditional doctors, natural healers, and extraterrestrial beings – here’s our unsolicited feedback form.

To your doctor who says, “Just take Advil for the pain,” to your friend who says, “Have you tried celery juice?,” and to your boss who says “But, you don’t look sick” – we’ve got a sketch for that.

We’re here for those moments when you are all out of spoons and want to Sick Bae & Chill, or for when you need to educate your aunt who told you “God wouldn’t give you something you can’t handle” - we’ll be your passive aggressive messenger service.

Because, as we all know, humor helps the medicine go down.

For when you're all out of spoons -

Sick Bae & Chill

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The Funny People Behind

Sick Bae:

Andrea Rossi


Dan Rosen

Writer | Director | Actor | Editor

Kayla Kurin


Dían Sentino

Writer | Director | Actor | Editor | Producer | DP

Emily Schooley

Actor | Writer | Director

Nate Woogen

Writer | Director

Dave Koval


DP | Editor

Rachel Rose Keller

Contributing Writer

Zephyr Ash Ostrowski

Contributing Writer | Director

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